Refer-a-Friend Multi-Level Affiliate Program at High Roller Club

High Roller Club (HRC) offers unique and very attractive multi-level referral program. Upon registration all members receive unique ID that can be used to refer other members to The Club.

When they follow your unique affiliate link on forums, Facebook, Twitter, blogs etc., OR submit your code upon registration, you receive half of their total cashback (personal and received from their referrals). They receive the same 10% cashback as normal.

How does your referral code work?

In order for your friend to be identified by the High Roller Club he (she) should either:

  • Follow your referral link to HRC website with your unique ID.
  • OR provide your ID as a referral code upon registration on our site.
Your unique ID and corresponding links will be sent to you by email upon registration with the HRC. The ID can also be found in the members area on our site.

Example of Cashback and Referrals Calculations

The schema shows an example of monthly cashback and referrals calculations for 3 levels of referrals. You can see that some members earn more money from referrals then from their own cashback; others receive some extra money despite of the total monthly win.

Just some stats from the schema - that's why we call HRC the Club of Winners:

  • A total for all members is $500 win!!!
  • Cashback paid: $586 and
  • Referrals paid: $445

Infinite Number of Referral Levels

With referred players you will receive 50% of the cashback amount they generated with HRC. Plus 50% of the cashback they received from players they have referred to us... In fact HRC system has infinite number of sub-levels and you receive money from the entire referral tree you create!

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